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Elisabeth Schulz, Dresden painter and graphic artist

Elisabeth Sara von Schulz

(Dresden 28-10-1884 - 13-01-1968 Dresden)

Painter an graphic artist in Dresden

A Lisbeth Schultz, “Maler” is mentioned in Dresslers Kunsthandbuch 1930 at Wiltrudenstraße 5 in Munich.  Not Lisbet, not Schulz. Not Elisabeth Sara (von) Schulz. 

Confusing, if one is looking for an obscure printmaker, a graphic artist and a painter by that name not knowing if it is one or two persons. I learned the use of Schulz, Schultz, and Schulß are all “allowed” writing this family name in that period (before 1940).  

The Dresden painter was the daughter of “GeneralleutnantRichard Adolph von Schulz (1849-1923) and Adelheid Elisabeth Sahrer von Sahr (1855-?). She had two sisters: Marie Adelheid Schulz (1882-1948) and Margarethe Adolphine Schulz (1889-1959). Her father remaried Armgard Margarethe von Veltheim (1870-1939).They are all interred in Dresden in a family grave. 

She is also known to have used the name Sarette von Schulz (her friends used the call her “Sarettchen”) after Sara or after her mothers maiden family name Sahrer von Sahr.

The painter Elisabeth Sara (von) Schulz worked and lived in Dresden and had studied in “Karlsruhe Malerinnenschule” with Friedrich Fehr (1862-1927) and etcher Walter Conz (1872-1947), in Berlin with Johann Walter Kurau (1869-1932) and Hans Nadler (1879-1958) in Dresden. Her painting technique shows her great admiration for her Baltic teacher Kurau (who is also known as Johann Valters) and closely resembles his style and use paint and color.There is no mentioning of the painter ever having lived in Munich. 

Above Walter Kurau, below Elisabeth von Schulz

There are indications, master and student visiting the same location and perhaps even using the same nude model. Printmaker Eva Langkammer (1884-1956) was an important representative of Kurau’s important school of painting, 

Above Walter Kurau, middle Eva Langkammer, below Elisabeth von Schulz

She worked as a nurse in WWI.  In Dresden she met and became friends with modernist artists Elisabeth Ahnert (1885-1966), Albert Wigand (1890-1978) and Dresden printmaker Ruth Meier (1888-1965) and therefore also will have been acquainted with Dresden painting school owner Martha Schrag (1870-1957).

She is also graphically known by at least one etching showing Dresden and river Elbe, signed “Sarah Schulz”. Another composition has an illegible signature (Sara Schulz ?) but also uses a monogram (left, in a triangle) LS, which may be a clue to the suggestion the painter and printmaker might be the same artist................. or not.

The printmaker uses besides “Lisbet Schulz” the monogram “LS” while the painter used the initials E.S, EvS and SvS.  

To complicate things further: Lisbet Schulz, the printmaker, is mentioned in the archives of the “Letter Stiftung” in Cologne with dates (28-10-1884 – "last mentioned 1958"), the dates belonging to the painter Elisabeth Sara von Schulz (below).


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