Thursday 10 November 2016

Lisbet Schulz, was she, a Dresden printmaker ?

A collective and ultimate attempt to solve the mystery of the identity of this printmaker with the help of readers and passers-by of my humble Blog. 

Lisbet Schulz 
from Dresden ?

The printmaker 

In my ongoing research into the world of forgotten German women printmakers born in the 19th century I have discovered and revealed much, but there are still many identities to be cleared and many uncertainties to be solved. Recently I may have found a clue to who enigmatic printmaker Lisbet Schulz actually was (next posting).  

One of the most intriguing "only known by a name and a monogram" printmakers in my files and archive is Lisbet Schulz. Prints by her surface mostly in Germany but sometimes also in the Netherlands. But never a clue or a hint who she was, not an address not a birthday or a place of origin. And although much (almost all of Dresden with all its inhabitants living in the centre) was destroyed by allied bombing (considered by many an allied war crime) this printmaker is far to good to be so "unknown". Because of the nature of multipliable art, many copies were spread outside Dresden before hell brook loose over one of Germany's most  beautiful cities. To this moment however there's little to no trace of her identity. A faith that overcame also many (almost all), Jewish printmakers.  

This printmaker signs her work, deliberately, with the unusual Lisbet Schulz (not Lisbeth as in Elisabeth !) and/or uses in various forms the monogram LS. I do not know of any exception.

Lately so-called "Nachlass" (= from the estate of, or possibly even posthumously printed) prints come to the market so maybe there's some-one out there owning the original blocks. Typically they sometimes seem to lack a (or 2) two color blocks, so these sheets may be saved proofs or failures. There's also evidence she changed some of the compositions.  

These are the 17 examples that I've collected in my pictures archive from auction sites, catalogues and from readers who found me through earlier postings mentioning her. So for this special occasion and purpose only I share them in this posting. If you have other examples or better copies: please send and share !   

Lisbet Schulz seems to have had a weak for floral designs and birds. There's only one "geographical" print: this Hamburg view on the "Altstadt" (totally destroyed by allied bombing). 

In her floral prints her personal style is easily recognizable: from modest to somewhat extravagant. Recent discoveries show she was an exciting and very interesting printmaker, definitely not a good amateur. One of the top favorite prints in my personal collection of German woodblock prints by 19th century born German woman printmakers is her very large sunflowers print, bringing any wall in a joyful summer mood the way only sunflowers can do. 

Whenever there's any information given by auctioneers, it is always "Dresden Künstlerin" Lisbet Schulz. If more details are added the seem mostly derived from the Thieme-Becker Lexicon biography of Dresden painter Elisabeth Sarah von Schulz (1884-1963)) and in some semi- official archives Lisbet Schulz, the printmaker, actually Elisabeth Sarah von Schulz although I've never seen any real evidence she is or was. The painter, who was also graphically active, will appear in the next posting.

I have not been able to find any mentioning of any biographical facts concerning the printmaker Lisbet Schulz. Which is surprising and is probably what made "the choice" for the painter a "logical one". So by way of exception, I decided it is high time to call in the troops and share what I have found to this moment and before publishing "the book" in which she will appear with the biographies of over 200 printmaking sisters active in Germany 1900-1940. 

From today I also make available my collection of male German printmakers for swapping or trading against desired prints by German women printmakers that may improve my personal collection. Feel free to ask.

PS:  I do not own all the prints shown, but would love to find and add others. (I have nrs.  5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15 and 17)


All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.

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  1. The signature on an impression of the sunflowers linocut reads very clearly "Lisbet Schultz" with "t", which would certainly rule out her being the same person as Elisabeth Sarah von Schulz.

    Unless there was a Lisbet Schulz and a Lisbet Schultz...

    1. Good and sharp observation! I saw that too but the printmaker Lisbet uses the differences in German "Süterlin" signature script, tz, sz and ß, and are in found combination with the same monogram in more prints. More to come..... Thanks!

  2. Prints 1 and 2 are stunning. I didn't know of this artist before seeing this post. ( I must have missed the others). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew, just use the search function of the Blog, or follow the label attached to the post.

  3. I see that has some prints for sale. Would it be possible to get more info on her by looking at the paper itself, like looking for watermarks?

  4. hi i like a good mystery! found several hints:
    1) lisbeth schultz was featured in a printmaking exhibition some years ago in a museum in reutlingen,-Vorschau-Rueckblick/Ausstellung?view=publish&item=article&id=4972

    the text mentions a catalog that features short biographies of all artists from the exhibition; so that is surely the most credible source

    2) some auction houses seem to quote the same source and place her in munich not dresden

    3) i found a nude sketch being auctioned signed “aus dem Nachlass Lisbet Schulz” which was not written by her since Nachlass means estate; but the image itself is credited to Elisabeth von Schulz

    hope that helps