Monday, 25 September 2017

Gerland or Garland

Gerland or Garland ?

Recently this print surfaced in American Ebay signed in Sütterlin script: "Original Handdruck ......Gerland". It's maybe not as good or refined as Weimar printmaker Margarete Geibel's (1876-1955) many lovely "Goethehaus" prints although it is faintly remembering of her work.  

It is obviously a view from a great House or Castle into a walled garden.  

Print by Margarete Geibel  (below)

And then there's is this picture of a print showing Strassburg cathedral (Fr. "Nôtre-Dame"; Germ. "Munster") towering over rooftops. It could very well be by the same printmaker Gerland. The German owner of the Strassburg print identified (reading) its signature  which is not legible in the photo however as "Garland". 

Thieme-Becker artist Lexicon disregarding the handful of British painters only mentions a Swedish illustrator Jan Erik Garland born in Stockholm in 1905, so hardly a suspect to sign in German (pré WW2) Sütterlin script in which the "e" is very similar to our normal "n". 

In my 1921 and 1930 (last edition) copies of Dresslers Kunsthandbuch (which actually is an address book) I find one art-historian named Otto Gerland (b. 1835) and not one Garland, and besides: Otto was an art historian) 

Googling I found this painting (its in Ebay) the cathedral seen from a slightly different angle by Swiss born Vienna painter Karl Kromer (1889-1964) 

I invite all vistors and readers of this blog/post to help solve this mystery printmakers identity. 

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.

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