Thursday, 14 September 2017

Henriette Grimm: Abazzia San Fruttuoso, Liguria, Italy

Puzzle solved ! Reader Hannelore from Austria succeeded, like a modern day  Miss Marple (see before posting) in solving the mystery and puzzle: where and what is this building depicted by unknown printmaker Henriette Grimm ? It proves the incredible powers of combining the human braincell-computer with interconnected modern digital possibilities: powerful, friendly and future possibilities beyond imagination and limitless.  

The other day I read an article how online modern internet gamers are "used" to solve medical and mathematical problems, DNA amino-acid sequencing and other extremely complex puzzles, dilemma's, mathematical and environmental  problems. Just incredible, read here (link)*    

From the armchair in 2017 it is possible, without much effort, to reconstruct this  small part of the visit of Henriette, of whom we still know so very little, to the monastery of San Fruttuoso hidden deep in a lagune on the Ligurian coast of Italy some 20 km. south of Genova. It can only be reached oversea by boat departing from the fishing village of Camogli. Henriette was one of the many woman artists that I am researching who visited Italy. (Henriëtte will appear among the some 300 short biographies of forgotten pioneering German women printmakers published soon). 

Enjoy !

Camogli, Liguria, It. 

And with a birds-eye view:

And from historical photographs it can even be determined when approximately Henriette visited San Fruttuoso to sketch the buildings for later rendering them into a print: after 1903 and probably just before 1915. After the small top building (3 windows) was added and before it was enlarged (+ 2 windows, arrow) . 

The historic and picturesque site, today is almost unchanged by time, below shown in the 1950's and although "discovered an exploited": almost untouched by modern tourisme. 

Thank you Hannelore !!

All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non-commecrial use only.


  1. A glorious selection of photographs. I'm not surprised it was Italy.

    1. Thanks Charles (sorry for delay, I was visiting Hamburg last week)