Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Lehe ,"Alte Kirche" (not Lohe), near Bremerhaven

Within a few hours after my request for help both faithful readers Wolfgang in Frankfurt and Hannelore in Austria succeeded in finding the actual church to the print. 

Lehe, and not Lohe, now a part of Bremerhaven at the mouth of river Wezer,  century ago a rural village. 

* Lehe, now part of Bremerhaven, ** Cuxhaven, were the print was found. 

The church actually is not only an "old church" as the title suggests but it is locally known as "Alte Kirche" or "Dionysius-Kirche".

Thank you Wolfgang and Hannelore.

Lehe and its church, situated at the mouth of river Wezer in 1604.

What remains is the name of the printmaker, but I'm confident this will be solved in time too.    

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