Thursday, 8 March 2018

Wolfgang asks help of readers (solved)

(This puzzle was solved with the help of a reader). 

Hungarian Artist: László Dombrovszky (1894-1982)
Titel:  "Marseille, dock workers"

Read here about this Hungarian painter and graphic artist*. This painting above is titled "Dunapart". Which in Hungarian I suppose means "Danube Harbor" (+ Budapest skyline ?)   


After helping and solving many an identification problem (like "Lehe, Alte Kirche" in before posting in Wolfgang in Frankfurt asks the help of readers and passers by. 

This etching, with "illegible" (better: not yet recognized) signature was found in Budapest on one of his hunts. The look with wich the subject of this portrait addresses the drawer (and the viewer) is not to be forgotten. Great atmosphere and fine portrait.      

All help and suggestions are welcomed. 

The atmosphere the unknown artist creates reminds me of the prints by Dutch printmakers Hidde Dirks Nijland (1881-1955) who often choose the waterfront and its  (seated, sleeping) "inhabitants" who always seem to be in a state of "introspection": thoughts on life ? 

His seated "Indische Gasten", returned "home" pensioner planters from the Dutch Indies in the Hague leads me to Emil Orlik ..........  


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