Monday, 18 October 2010

Ginger jars and Flowers, Part II

Autumn is maybe the best time to share with you my fascination for this "genre". In a few postings I'll do my best to show and share some of the pictures of paintings I've collected. In some logical way.

Jan H.W. Wittenberg (1886-1963) - Maria Wilhelmina Wandscheer (1856-1936)
In this Part I'll will show to you (small) paintings in oil of compositions with ginger jars with only the smallest, sometimes minute flower component. The way some wind victims or accidentally broken of flowers are used to create an instant first aid bouquet.

Germ de Jong (1886-1967) - Hobbe Smith (1862-1942)

In part I discussed the possible history and origin of this (I think) very Dutch theme.

Jan Voerman Sr. (1857-1941)

Since the mid 1800's it has become a very loved classic combination and subject to painters to this day.

"Hein" J.S.H. Kever (1854-1922) - Adriaan J. van 't Hoff (1893-1939)

The generations that display flowers in the home in these pots or jars recognizing its classic aesthetic combination, is rapidly dwindling.

L: ? - R: Alberta Joh. Meijer-Smetz(1893-1953)

And if you hate nasturtiums (Kapuziner Kresse) or Violets and Anemones I think I have bored you to death at this point. So for the diehards:

Jos van den Berg (1905 - 1978) - Frans David Oerder (1867-1944)

L: Henk Welther (pseud. 1885-1947) - R: ?

John Smith (?) - Anne S. Fisher 1922 (1873-1942)

These last two examples by a non Dutch painter

Beware ! There is more to come in Part III.

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