Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ralph (&) Mott, RAM

Digging into the mysterious RAM initials, Charles from England (Modern Printmakers Blog, see the link below), sending me a clue to the maker(s) of the two (pastiche) flower print supplements showed in before last posting.

So, the firm of Ralph and Mott, Studio, advertising and artists agency used their pseudonym name Ralph Mott under the greatest and most memorable (Railway) poster designs from the mid-twentieth century (1930-1960’s).

It would be indeed a sport finding out who were the actual artists employed by or behind this firm.

Reginald Montague Lander (born 1913) was chief designer and studio manager. Probably sometime later because he would have been only 20 when the flower print supplements were issued in 1933. Reginald made poster designs well into the 1960’s.

The Modern Home magazine also very difficult to find any facts about. I found (only) these two 1930 and 1936 covers. It seems from both covers that dress making, sewing and needlework was among the topics.

Maybe some reader one day will add more details to these scarce facts.
Thank you Charles:

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  1. If it is of interest, an update and overhaul of Ralph Mott appears on Modern Printmakers today.