Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nancy Tips: the legacy of Eduard Manet

Nancy Tips

American impressionist painter of flowers

“Each of my paintings is an exploration of individual flowers or fruit and particular light. To me, the most natural way to carry out this exploration is using the alla prima method, which is characterized by bold brushwork and atmospheric effects.
The alla prima method encourages suggestion and improvisation; there is a liveliness and pleasure to the painting process that is reflected in the finished painting.”
I discovered this remarkable painter after discovering Stanley Bielen. Digging in and surfing the Internet, the world’s largest museum.
If a comparison has to be made with Eduard Manet’s Last Flowers (see the two before postings) the floral paintings of Nancy Tips I think come closest to that legacy.

Working with and/or having studied with Stanley Bielen (see before posting) in Philadelphia Art School Nancy Tips “never wanted to be anything other than a still life painter. Whatever expressivity my work has gained over the years is due to the fact that it is grounded in deceptively simple techniques that I first acquired in Philadelphia in 1987. Among the wonderful Philadelphia painters, a favorite of mine was then, and still is, Stanley Bielen.”

This is the text I found at Southern Vermont Arts Center where Tips and Bielen exhibited last year.
She has her own website: A visit is recommended.

I discovered and collected pictures of some 40 floral paintings by Nancy Tips. Choosing a selection for this posting was an impossible task. I could easily fill 4 postings with the same diversity and quality.

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  1. ARE they beautiful! I can imagine not wishing to paint anything but flowers all one's life, when one can paint them like this. Many thanks! Can't wait to see the Russian!

  2. Wonderful artwork, what an enjoyment to see!

    Regards, Lilien

  3. I totally agree Lilien, thank you for commenting, that's always very much appriciated.

  4. Gerrie: thank you so much for your appreciation of my work. I play with the fact that almost all I can usually know about how other folks respond to my work is through sales. When sales decline, does that mean nobody's looking? That there are non-buyers who are just glad to be looking at my paintings is something I can't know much about. My husband says it's like free music when you pass a street musician. It makes your day better and the musician doesn't necessarily know that what they made has made you feel good. So thanks for stopping to say a few words about my work. I feel all swollen with pride. Wow! I gotta get back in that studio!!

  5. Nancy, the pleasure was all mine and am very proud with your reaction on my humble Blog. This posting (and those on Bielen and Manet) have been and are being watched many times. Thank you for the wonderful free music and enjoyment.