Sunday, 23 January 2011

Viktor Pirkhoff (Part III) Cacti and Wildflowers

Viktor Pirkhoff
Part III
Cacti and wildflowers prints.
And some comparisons with contemporay artists.
Cactus prints
(the larger pictures by V. Pirkhoff)
Martin Erich Philipp (1887-1978)
Hugo Noske (1886-1960)

Sidonius von Schromm (1872-1948)

Wildflowers prints

Meryl Watts (1910-1992)

Ernst Rötteken (1882-1945)
Martin Erich Philipp(1887-1978)
Soon: Part IV: the Flower Bouquets by Viktor Pirkhoff.


  1. Coincidentally, on January 23rd I decided to research the artist name signed on a print I bought many years ago. Through my many moves I always believed there was some history to this print. I have the third print shown above by Viktor Pirkhoff. Thankyou for posting this information and account of this mans life albeit sad in light of past history. Gayle

  2. Hello Gayle, thank you very much for commenting. It is always appriciated. There is a considerable amount of time (and enthousiasme) invested in these postings. Comments like these are considered the reward. Most readers donot bother. Praise yourself lucky with your print. There are not many on the market (there is one right now on Ebay but you'll have to invest heavily buying it.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Gerrie.