Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Viktor Pirkhoff (IV) the flower bouquets

Viktor Pirkhoff
(Prag 1875-1962 Brno)

Part IV

The Flower Bouquet Prints
(Larger pictures by V. Pirkhoff, smaller ones for comparison)

I hope, from a woodblock enthousiast's (and flower prints in particular) viewpoint, I have kept the best for the last. Here they are !

Hugo Noske (1886-1960)
Martin Erich Philipp (1887-1978)

These first two prints I found last year in different auctions in the USA and became the start of these postings and the rediscovery of the Art of Viktor Pirkhoff

This above print is probably Pirkhoffs most impressive one. More then 15 blocks were used to create all colors. Using so many blocks created John Hall Thorpe's (1887-1975) fame as a woodblock printer in his 1922 "the Country Bunch" (below) and resulted in one of the most loved prints in the Art Deco Style.

John Hall Thorpe (1874-1947)

Hugo Noske (1886-1960)

Martin Erich Philipp (1887-1978)

As you can judge now for yourselfs I think it is fair to say that Viktor Pirkhoff could match the most renowned flower woodblock printers of the twentieth century. The way he was treated by the successive authorities and later becoming completely forgotten and obscured is very sad.
I hope through this postings Viktor Pirkhoff shall be known and appreciated again amongst the great European woodblock printers of the twentieth century.

Thank you Miroslav for trusting me with his legacy and creating this four postings.
Please, honor Viktor Pirkhoff with a comment on (one of) these postings .


  1. I'm relatively new to your blog and want to thank you for all of the time and effort that you spend in putting it together. It's always a pleasure to see the new prints that you're sharing with us, including the Pirkhoff prints. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. After all the time and effort it is always very much apprecciated. Keep following !

  3. His prints are remarkably skillful. I want to take a much closer look than I can. That said, they are a odd combinatrion of the conventional and the unrealistic. Anyway, I think I can see a wall full of them in your study. A nice retirement present to yourself, perhaps. Why not?


  4. The pictures I received were not higher in resolution, sorry. And I had to do some perspective corrections. I'll send you better copies when and if I can get them.'I'll ask Miroslav. Finding a print and try buying one (or a wall full) is the next chalenge. I'll let you know when I've succeeded. There's plenty of time ahead. Keep a look out for me.

  5. Hallo,
    I would like to send a picture of a work i think it's a John hall Thorpe!
    But how to send a picture ?

  6. Vincent email me: g.caspers@hccnet.nl

  7. I think the red, white and yellow poppy bouquet is my favorite. But, then, the roses are really lovely. And the zinnias . . . I see that most of the prints have a composition with a bloom dangling on the right that catches the eye. Lovely.