Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ludwig Bürgel, updating.

Before revealing my newest discoveries in the world of block printing I want to share this little update on the works of Austrian printer Ludwig Bürgel (1901-1972). Since my last posting (December 19th 2010) and knowing the identity of the maker I recently discovered some more examples of this printer/etcher. Interesting enough to update the earlier posting I hope. Trying to be "complete" is a symptom common amongst the more serious and afflicted collectors.

The two postings combined it is beginning to look like a nice collection. For readers interested in my print (below): please contact me. I recently decided to narrow down my field of interest more to flower prints and prints with flowers. Stylish this mountain scene could well be a counterpart for the opening print in this posting.


  1. you have such a good eye and talent for finding these obscure people who made such lovely art. that last one especially -- reminds of of similar images by others, yet is wholly his own.

  2. Thank you, I liked it also very much and rewarded him in my way by making some iunvestigations and this little internet exposition. Many people have had a look but very few leaving a note, I really appriciate it (as always).