Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Royle family Part I: Jean Royle

Jean Royle

English painter and linocut printer.

Today I'ld like to start with sharing the finding of these linoleum cut card designs by Jean Royle. This find leading to an unexpected encouner with a print by Sylvan Boxsius (1878-1941), the English printmaker in part 2. Boxsius inspiring Charles from Modern Printmakers and Clive from Art and the Aesthete showing, writing and discussing his prints. Follow the sidebar for Links to these great Blogs.

Jean Royle made these card designs in the 1980’s according to information from the website dedicated to the works of her and her father, (see below for the Link). I like them very much because of their “simple” but very strong composition.

This poppies and tree landscape designs are very much in the style of Dutch printer Arie Zonneveld’s (1905-1941) little landscape print half a century earlier.

Last these two examples of landscapes showing Jean Royle had a sensitive eye and was very able capturing, in oil, the mood of a late summers day in the English countyside.

More on Jean Royle at:

Next: 2: Stanley Royle, Jeans father.

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