Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royle family, Part II: Stanley Royle

Stanley Royle,
( R.C.A., R.B.A., A.R.W.A.)

British landscape painter and illustrator.

Jean’s father, Stanley Royle, was a respected British R.B.A. landscape painter and illustrator who exhibited at the Royal British Academy of whom I’ll show some nice paintings. This wintery British Blues scene reminding me of Clive’s recent posting on Hiroshi Yoshida Blues)
In many of his paintings Royle talents as an illustrator is clear: they could easily be transferred into poster art.

But the surprise was finding this pastel (1922) a composition of impressive trees (elms ?) and farmhouses set in a landscape. This composition will be recognized by every print enthousiast. I think.
The subject (and even the background landscape) having great resemblance with Sylvan Boxsius (1978-1941) most famous print “Autumn”.
There are two more similarly and impressively designed prints ( I know of) by Boxsius, one called “Pines” (R.) the other “at Winchelsea” (L.). The two obviously belonging together, Winchelsea is located near to the British Channel coast.

Where the farmhouses in Boxsius’ “Autumn” print are located I don’t know. The Boxsius family was from London origin I believe (there was a furrier Boxsius in London’s Milton street 62 in the 1830’s). The Royle family originating and living in the Sheffield area and choosing his artistic subjects from the Derbyshire and Yorkshire countryside.

More on Jean and Stanly Royle here:

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