Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Eva Roemer (update & continued)

Much sooner as I would have expected I already have to update the postings on Eva Roemer (1989-1977).

Three more examples of prints by Eva Roemer emerged in one week. Remarkable since so few known and found in the period before.    

This little Christmas card (I think it is) with the towering above a landscape heralding angle in a new genre but printed with the same lovely blues, 
Christus ist geboren (Christ is born)
One of these two great prints is signed in English (woodcut) suggesting it was made from her experiences or maybe even during her travels in the USA and possibly created to sell or exhibit there.  

Al three have in common her great talent, skills and unique style. And again the use and love for the colour blue.

Thank you Matt Fuller for sending me the high resolution pictures.


  1. thank you syeds, it's always nice receiving positive feedback.