Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Schöne Dinge (revisited)

Today I pay a visit again to Thomas’ shop Schöne Dinge in Berlin. Three new acquisitions in his in shop are on offer and worth sharing:
To begin with an old acquaintance (treated in Clive's Blog): Erich Buchwald Zinnwald (1884-1972) this reasonably priced lonely alpine fir tree in good condition and a copy printed in wonderful colours.
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A good opportunity showing here some of my favourite prints by this artist: his experiments with printing starry nights, winters solitude and a rare atmospheric city view:

Secondly for the specialist collector this (1920/30’s) sensitive black and white composition of mother and child by German printer Arnold Willings (1899-1987) who later turned to abstract work. His work is present in several German museums.
Here are two other examples of his work I scratched from the www.

And last your help is asked identifying this possibly Russian originated woodblock print (Nr.5 from 10) with some great details depicting a no doubt heroic construction site.
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Any suggestions are very welcomed. I think there's a world of quality prints by Russian printers that are still very unknown "in the West" and awaiting discovery. Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva (1871-1955) maybe one of the first and famous Russian academic woodblock printers but she can't be the only good and talented Russian printer ofcourse. 

Further information about these prints at: Thomas Treibig 

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