Monday, 24 October 2011

Amy Holliday

talented award winning young British illustrating artist.

Inkfish by Amy Holliday
Britain has an enviable tradition and history of great illustrating artists. Whether it is designing and illustrating posters, nature books, children’s books or magazines. There’s an almost endless list of wonderful artists. 
Allan William Seaby (1867-1953) (link), famous printmaker but also the illustrator of two wonderful Ladybird British Birds books,
Richard Chopping (1917-2008) (link), illustrator and also a printmaker. 

David Gentleman (1930- ), we took his great books on London, Paris, Italy and Britain with us on our holidays. 

Paul Hogarth (1917-2001), books on international scenery, tourism and literature (showing Graham Greene’s country) and many others.
Kay Nixon (1895- ) (link)

Budgies by Amy Holliday

Still digging and excavating deeper into the world of parrots on prints I stumbled over these great fresh and spontaneous watercolors by a new star artist Amy Holliday. Only a few weeks later to read in her Blog  (link) she’s already won a National Award (link). Hardly a surprise. Who knows, maybe we could lure Amy into printmaking one day.
Gold finch by Amy Holliday.
If I am singing praise about Amy’s illustrating skills and budgies I cannot withhold these examples (below) by another and already established British illustrating artist from Cornwall Alison Fennel.

These two ladies could easily fill up an aviary with colourful and exotic birds  


  1. That's an orthodox list of British illustrators.


  2. I really like the work of David Gentleman, I've got his book of drawings of London...It's a precious book of mine♥