Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Karl Schmidt Wolfratshausen (update)

Combined forces of readers and fellow print enthousiast often after some time resulting in additional biographical facts, examples and new prints coming to light. But this time a very fast and extensive update on prints by the earlier, september, posting on German printmaker  Schmidt-Wolfratshausen is the result of Ed Ogul from Paramour Fine Arts sending  me 5 more examples of prints in his gallery collection for sharing.

And I am ashamed to admit, I showed this one (left) before "by a unknown printmaker" but it is by Karl Schmidt-Wolfartshausen also.
So, from zero examples by this printmaker last month there's now a nice collection of his work shown together in these two postings. His prints are surely not rating among those of the top German printmakers and shouldn't compared. His parrots print so far his finest. Comparing it with these prints he must have had some help with that one and is he giving away maybe friendly ties with fellow printmakers of the period. But who knows some more will show up. 

Thank you Ed. 

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  1. I recently bought the print you show here of the town under the mountain. Hand signed, 20/100. I really cannot make out the writing along the bottom except for Wolfratshausen and do not read German. What is the title? would tell me it's value?

  2. Goodmorning to you too. Usually I never answer or publish anonymous (rude) emails or comments. Since this is the only way of letting you know I'll make an exception. If you don't show me what is written how can I answer your question. About the question of value: It would be important to know if you are asking as a seller or a buyer?

  3. The Title is "Winter in Einödsbach", 1910