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Tang Juey Lee

What ever happened to

Tang Juey Lee 
(born 1954)

Singapore painter of orchids

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This posting is updated september 1th,  2012

This Singapore artist exhibited in 1978/1979 in the Singapore Hilton Hotel. He was also in the group of 8 protegees exhibiting very succesfully in a traveling exhibition in several Middle East capitals. Arranged by Singapore gallery owner Della Butcher (1922-1993, who, reading Wikipedia, was a very intriguing person having lived a very interesting life). 
The 8 artists surrounding the Mother of Singapore artists: Della Butcher.

Stumbling over these soft toned two budgerigars, that are reminiscent of the  aquatients by famous British animal, flowers and bird artist Edward Julius Detmold (1883-1957)

and because I am still excavating the world of parrots on prints, making me very curious and anxious to see more of Mr. Lee's work. His budgies however recently sold in an Australian auction.
Writing a request to Leonard Joel Auctions in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, with the friendly help of Art Assistant Caroline Rook contacting the buyer on her initiative(!) I received within days copies of some 1981 paper clippings that had been attached to the painting sold. Revealing the following information:

1975: graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and soon after protegé of Della Butcher. Nicknamed the "Orchid Lover" for the choice of his subjects and always painting in famous Singapore Botanical Gardens harbouring the worlds largest collections of orchids.
1975-1981: Group and one-man exhibitions in W. Asia, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Brisbane. And in Texas, London and Dubai.

His Orchid Paintings were in 1981 already in collections all over the world (to my surprise even in the Netherlands, but were ?) and he received commissions decorating many embassies, presidential hotel suites etc. all over the world.  

And yet there's nothing more to be found, no pictures, no book, review or article after 1981. With the help of readers I'll do my best changing that. 

Thank you Caroline.

All further information on Mr. Lee is welcomed.


  1. Mr Tang Juey Lee has setup an online Art Gallery to enable the public to easily appreciate, purchase his current art masterpieces & contact him. It is accessible at

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