Friday, 3 February 2012

David Rabinowitch

David Rabinowitch
Canadian painter, sculptor and printmaker.

I've not been very much into abstract art. But when I recently saw these monotype (just one made: 1/1) woodblock prints I was very amazed and fascinated. Suddenly the memory of basic childhood joy and wonder of printing forms and Xmas cards from potatoes came back to me. There is some explaining text in the book I just received,  commentary by one Kenneth Barker about the asymetry and balance and more expert stuff about the artist and the perspective and relations to his (later) work.
That's all very well and informative but to me the most important are the odd 60 (!) wonderful and high quality printed examples of these 1962 prints that were "only recently rediscovered" (in 2003) by the artist himself. An exclusive and collectors book, bound and printed on 170 gr. Velva paper in Germany in an edition of 1500.  

These monotypes, according to the list of illustrations in the back of the book, today are all in the possession of private collectors and museums all over the world, including the MOMA.  
This luxury book, I discovered, is currently offered in the "ramsh" department (in the Netherlands) for an incredible € 9,95 only ($12,50) 
I thought there might be readers who would like to know.  Here's the ISBN: 3-933807-90-5. Hurry !


  1. These are very simple and very powerful, Gerrie - and their power comes from their simplicity. Which doesn't mean they were easy to do - when you pare visual forms down to such basic blocks, there is nowhere to hide. I'm so pleased you liked these enough to write a post about them.

  2. Glad you hear you're enthusiastic too Neil. Thanks