Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mystery prints (continued)

Mystery Prints 
(continued from Febr. 2th)

A few days after the Posting about the mystery budgees and bee-eaters prints, Bavarian reader Simon Krischer came with an interesting clue to the identity of the printmaker. He sends two more prints with the same signature. A third one is on Ebay at this moment, but I don't find it very attractive and it is grossely overpriced imho.

For some time Simon is collecting prints by an etcher/printmaker who signs RIC. Here are a few examples. He has plenty more, you can see them in Simons Blog-page he made for this not identified artist (here). These are far more decorational and of iconic,  around 1970's, designs.  

The most curious thing is in the use of printing paper by his and the  (probably) other artist. In both sets of prints there's a paper (or editor/publishers ?) mark impressed, but it's not in the budgee and bee-eater japan papers. 

All prints originate from Germany. So maybe we are looking for a combined (commercial) entreprise or editor/publisher in the 1960-70 ?


  1. Just spent a happy hour devouring your blog. Will be back. Thanks!

  2. Just spent a happy hour on your blog-- wonderful. Will be back. Many thanks!

  3. Thank you Elise, I'm glad you enjoyed and leaving a nice comment is always very much appreciated.