Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ice !

Making and using ice, without leaving behind any ecological footprint, for centuries was not only a luxury to the rich but also a very clever and sustainable way of survival we should not forget and try to remember with great respect. 
Walter Klemm (1883-1957)

Besides cooling wine in summer, fishmongers and bakeries and probably many more enterprises and industries depended on harvesting and storing ice. Ice that lasted as long as a year in cleverly constructed isolated cellars. 
Karl Friedrich Zähringer (Sw.) (1886-1933) "Eisbrecher"
Giovanni Giacometti (It.) 1868-1933
It's hard to imagine when we open our refrigerator door the activities shown by these artists were once a common sight not a century ago. As these pictures show: in Italy, Holland, Germany and Switserland.
Harvesting ice in Amsterdam 1917
If readers have knowledge of more examples of icemaking and harvesting please send them for sharing.
  Bernard Rice (Br.) (1900-1998), thank you Charles.

(2003) Clara Lieu (US)

Speaking of the wonderful and versatile Walter Klemm (read here) I found two more prints that should have been in the recent Fanny Psicha posting. But along this self educational path I follow and the information on the Internet expanding  every day, these things happen. For following readers I show them here and also add them to the original posting for new readers. 


  1. Nice! You will not be surprised to hear there is a Bernard Rice print of men breaking ice. I will try and find it. The Klemm images are the clearest of those I have seen so that was interesting, too.

  2. I am surprised, and curious, so please help me complete this subject by sharing it with us when you find it.

  3. Ice-houses are fairly common in the gardens of British country houses. I assume they must still exist in other countries, too.

  4. I know, we've seen and visited them on our National Trust card on several occasions. They're even here in Friesland.