Monday, 18 March 2013

Carla Mundt -Luplau and president Erdogan

Emilie Mundt and Marie Luplau
Painters, and feminists,
(and also lesbian adoptive parents.)

Who could have thought Emilie Mundt (1849-1922) and Marie Luplau (1848-1925), two liberal, lesbian, brave, independent and artistic women, I’ve met just recently would be mentioned together with Recep Tayyip Erdogan (born 1954) the 25th elected president of Turkey, recently representing the more intolerant part of Turkish people and his upcoming visit to the Netherlands.

They, of course, have absolutely nothing in common. Recent events prove how courageous, modern and how right the couple was, following their talent, conscience, their heart and nature. Underlining also the tolerance and modernity of Danish (Scandinavian) society and its friendly people now and for over 100 years ago.
But it is also underlining the huge social and cultural differences in Europe even  2013 its peoples and leaders still unable to bridge and overcome them. Chosen president and representing a great people and ancient culture a chief ought to know better then to mingle and interfere in such an unsavory discussion. I'm assured however the majority of modern Turkish people will disapprove of the current fuss and intolerance following current events. The former mayor of Istanbul and intellectual, obviously loves children as is shown in the photograph above and obviously is quite able and capable of raising, with his wife, 5 of his own. 
Carla and her mother Marie Luplau, painted by her other mother, Emilie Mundt, around 1894.
Grandfather Daniel Luplau (1818-1909) playing in the background. Grandmother Line (1823-1891) watching from above the piano.

Mundt and Luplau, like the fostering couple in the Netherlands, adopted in 1891(!) and lovingly raised their daughter Carla. Reading and researching about Denmark's liberal and artistic climate in the 19th century, I learned this couple wasn’t even unique in Denmark in the mid-late 19th century. So, separated by a century, Carla a girl from one of the many orphanages in Copenhagen and Yunus, the Turkish boy, who was born to Turkish parents judged incapable of caring or raising him (and his brothers/sisters) appear together in todays posting. There's no picture of Yunus for privacy reasons (which is a good thing considering).
Emilie, Marie and Carla by Mary Steen, royal photographer. (to the British court also*).  
Recent events, the news in the Netherlands, the mothers and Yunus having to live in hiding now, and the planned arrival of such spirits as president Erdogan interfered with the planned posting on both artists for today. It will follow next. Please understand and forgive. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938), Turkey's liberal first president, much loved and respected to this day would, I'm certain.

* Will be explained in next posting


  1. thanks for this highly interesting contribution, I only have seen today in the german news about the turkish activites about Yunus. Hopefully the time for a change is not so far. Just saw a reasonable hypothesis on homosexuality in the Quarterly Review of Biology ( commented also in der Zeit (

    1. Hello Hans, thanks for stopping by and the interesting articles. I try to avoid ventilating opinions too much, which I believe is a kind of a modern disease. Sometimes however news is interfering with my current whereabouts. Like in todays posting.