Sunday, 31 March 2013

Klaus Dechert, offer for readers

Klaus Dechert (II)

German Moku Hanga printmaker. 

(rare offer for Blog readers & visitors)

Almost two years ago I shared my discovery of the traditionally created  Japanese prints by Klaus Dechert (see here*). Recently reader Markus, a relative of the artist, has send me pictures of some more examples of his (framed) work that are in his possesion. 

Prints by Dechert are hardly ever seen on the market and for those who would like to own a print by Klaus Dechert: the prints shown here are all for sale. A rare opportunity and, for the moment before offering them to an auction house, exclusively for readers of the Linosaurus. Markus has asked me to forward any seriously interested requests. Which I will happily do.  

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  1. Thanks Gerrie! These prints are wonderful to see.

    1. They are, and not seen by many before. Dechert was one of the finest Western Japanese printmakers of the XXth century , I believe sincerely.