Monday, 4 March 2013

Hamburg, Alstervergnügen !

For this week I’ve planned a trip to wonderful Hamburg. A walk along the  Alster enjoying the skyline of one of Europe’s great cities. Where many a great city has a Central Park, Hamburg has a central lake. I mean besides the impressive and bustling river Elbe seaport front, also the subject of many great works of art. Enough for a next posting, but saved for later. 
The Alster, more or less a lake or dead branch from an Elbe river contributory, is divided into an inner and outer Alster, situated in and outside the now disappeared medieval city walls to be more exact. It is divided by the old and new Lombard-brücke renamed J.F.Kennedy Bridge after JFK's historic visit to Berlin in 1963 and constructed along the old bridge in 1953 and obviously not visible in the pictures shown here. 
Hamburg sky-line around 1860, 1880, 1900. All pictures are mouse clickable.
Hans Kaumann (1863-1946)

There’s a reason of course: this woodblock print above, created around 1908 by a printmaker who’s name is not to be found in the www. At least not relating to printmaking. I’ll reveal her(……) identity in next posting along with half a dozen other very obscured and never before witnessed prints turning up recently in neighbouring Netherlands and now safely under my guard and protection.  
Lovis Corinth (1858-1925): Kaisertag (Emperors day). Corinth happened to be in Hamburg in the very hot summer of 1911 and painted the festivities around the Inner Alster in honour of Kaiser Wilhelm II visit to nearby Altona. 
Hamburg's silhouette with the many church towers seen from the Außeralster is as iconic, unmistakable and recognizable as those of Prag, London, New York or Paris. 
Erich Mercker (1891-1973)
Carl Bössenroth (1863-1935)
So enjoy in this posting one of the most charming locations in Europe as seen by some famous and by some lesser known artists who were here before us, let's say turn of, beginning of the 20th the century. The glorious skyline of Hamburg seen as it was before the great and repeated destructions in WW2.

Paul Paeschke (1875-1943), the painter-etcher who's works are characterized by the many human figures and crowds, he staffaged his works with. Look for the Alster ferry boat in several other works shown.

Otto Schulz-Stradtmann (1892-1960), lived his life in Hamburg and was famous for his many atmospheric Hamburg city and harbour paintings.  
Arthur Illies (1870-1952), swans in the Alster 1908
Thomas Ludwig Herbst (1848-1915) painted the Alster ferry and the "Landungsbrucke" but was most loved and remembered as Germany's sublime painter of sublime cow portraits (later !) 

The Inner Alster: French post-Impressionist Eduard Veuillard (1868-1940) visited and Danish Tuxen Laurits Regner (1853-1927)

Luigi Kasimir (1881-1962)  from Italy was here
Walter Geffcken (1872-1950) Sailing boats on the Outer-Alster
Albert Feser (1901-1993) like Otto Schulz-Stradtmann a son of Hamburg: impressionist view on the Alster Rowingclub clubhouse. 
There are, of course, many more examples, this posting just a, my, selection, but in next posting more about the forgotten and obscured printmaker.
Anna Gerresheim (1852-1921),  somewhat obscured artist from the Ahrenshoop Künstlerkolonie, but what a lovely drawing and etching this is of the ferry in the Inneralster. 
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All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and friendly use only.


  1. Lovely paintings and prints. I have the type of blog in which I can allow each comment or delete it. I thought you had this also. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Yes, that's true Karen, but tell me what your mood would be deleting 500 spam emails delivered in your Inbox in the morning. And next morning. And next....
    Hamburg, I've been there on several occsaions. It's one of Europes great cities and it's relatively nearby. Great museums, harbour, history, surroundings, shops, the Alster, friendliest people, great beer and great foods. Freundlich, Gastfrei und Gemütlich.