Friday, 26 April 2013

Dick van Luyn, Utrecht !

Dick (Dirk Govert) van Luyn
(Utrecht 1896-1981)

Dutch painter, graphic artist, illustrator
Book cover designer, linoleum etcher.

Typical Dutch river scene: River Lek.
As far as I know Dick van Luyn was the only artist using the technique of etching linoleum to produce prints besides Hendrik Christiaan Spruit whoms works I've showed  and discussed in before last posting. Please correct me and send examples or names of other artists who also did.

Van Luyn also was a teacher and well respected artist who lived and worked in Utrecht and had a house and studio in the city’s medieval heart on the Oude Gracht 381 where he also ran a gallery (Kunstzaal de Parterre). The canals of Utrecht (very different from the Amsterdam Canals) are characterized by the many warehouses deep below street level and are of great beauty. 
 Above: Oude Gracht 381: the artist's house and studio and etching by his hand : view on the house opposite.
Below: Oude Gracht with the Utrecht Dom tower in summer.  

The only two works in which he used etching the linoleum that I'm sure of show  his direct neighbourhood in winter: de Oude Gracht. They have the same atmospheric and soft toned appearance as  the prints of H.C. Spruit. They are most probably views from his window (the river scene above could also be one). 
Below: Oude Gracht Utrecht.

He  visited France and stayed and worked in Paris and was befriended with influential and internationally renowned artists like designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) and painter Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944 New York).

All pictures borrowed freely from the Intent for friendly, educational non commercials use only.

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