Friday, 12 April 2013

Walther Klemm on Ebay

Walter Klemm
German printmaker

6 Woodblock prints 1922 on Ebay

Six wonderful original and signed bird prints in the Japanese way, amazingly they've never been framed and are still together after 90 years as Book of Birds nr. 38/100. By one of the finest German printmakers. Ending in two days from now. (Sold for only €45 each) 
I still don't understand why certain offers on international Ebay do not seem to appear in my national search queries. This is one of them: I  just happened to stumble upon it. The last three are hardly ever seen "on line". This a good opportunity to help remember me to plan a posting on Klemm's other bird prints soonest. 


  1. Hello Gerrie -- Some one bought a bargain !! I thought about having a go but then thought again. However much I admire the quality of these prints, I couldn't quite see that they would appeal to the UK market -- I hope that a collector has bought them and that they will be framed and displayed on their wall to be enjoyed every day - I would hate to think they have disappeared into a folio collection, soon to be forgotten.

    1. Well I don't know Steven, these are iconic " modern prints" and I think there is always a market for quality items like this, never mind what country. The result was maybe disappointing for the seller, but there was some lucky buyer. The 3 sparrows is my absolute favorite. Middle of the month is usually not a good moment for me to buy because there's a stretch left that is longer than my bank account. Can't have them all.

    2. My favourites are the Nuthatch and the Kingfisher, which reminds me of Seaby. Regards Steve

    3. Charles (Modern Printmakers) enlightened us about the Seaby-Klemm connection and similarities in birds and printmaking.