Monday, 8 April 2013

Gertrud Fredrich, Berlin printmaker

Gertrud Fredrich
(Lissa-Posen 1874 - 1963 probably in Berlin)
German painter and printmaker

Gertrud Fredrich was trained in the Berlin Kunstschule and later was a student of the great Lovis Corinth (1857-1925) (left). She was a member of the Berlin Women Artist Association (Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen) 1915-1963 and exhibited in Berlin all her life.

She's mainly known for her paintings, flower pieces (Corinth inspired also Else Schmiedeberg (1876-1927) with his love for painting flowers) and landscapes.

We know Fredrich tried at woodblock printing at least twice because this print, send by reader Karen, was found in America (see here*). It is probably showing the Ammersee in the south of Germany because the painting above by her is titled as such. Just one more print (left) I've found in a passed auction. Another contemporary painter printmaker with ties to Lovis Corinth and the VdBK was Eva Maria Marcus (1889-1970) treated and appearing earlier in this Blog.

Gertrud Friedrich is another example to show how little we know about the life of so many talented printmaking artists who were active in the 1900-1930's. Do not hesitate sending additions and possibly more examples of Gertrud Fredrich's art. 

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  1. Is the last painting Fredrich's, also? I really like it. She makes her clouds in a similar manner in that painting as in my woodblock print I sent you. Thank you, Gerrie, for this blog. It makes me appreciate her more, and my woodblock print.

    1. Yes, it's by her too, and you're right about the clouds. Very observant: viewed into or against the light. In the other painting the colors and landscape have distinct similarities. Just a few clues to the artist she was.