Monday, 5 October 2015

B. G. Molyneaux, British printmaker

Reader Tom send me this nice Plodding Miller and Windmill woodblock for confirmation and identification of the printmaker. I was positive I'd seen it before, some time ago, but it took me nevertheless some time puzzling and understanding and reading the signature, go through my archive and find the maker: B.G. Molyneaux (not Molyneux, and yes, I know, when you see it it's easy peasy ........) 

And that's about all I was able to find. In spite of the french connotation it is a British family name since Anglo Saxon times. Molyneaux is the Irish variety or branch and both spellings of course referring to the profession of ancient ancestors in France: Moulin-le Meunier: Mill-the Miller. The name Bernard seems to circulate in the Irish branch and I wonder if this was a one-off by this obscure artist. Maybe a certain British expert can help ? Another copy of this print was sold last year on Ebay. 

And then I happened to remember this print (Dutch, possibly Belgian), no color and because of that maybe not as attractive and appealing, but two artists obviously sharing the same idea around the same time ? Monogrammed J.H. (or J.N.) 

PS: This type of mill was active in England, Belgium and the Netherlands according to Frank Brangwyn's (1867-1956) extensive lithographic treating of this subject. 

All information and help on these prints will be shared and received in gratitude. 


  1. Well, yes, I can help as it happens, but I am afraid you have misread the initial. It is a back-to-front E and not a B, and the artist is Elizabeth Gowanlock Molyneaux (1887 - 1969). Her colour woodcut 'Melrose Abbey' turned up on ebay as well a year or two ago. If you remind me of your email, I will send an image if I have one.

    1. Wonderful ! Please do:
      Thanks very much