Monday, 12 October 2015

Mattiessen, Hedwig G.

Matthiesen, Hedwig G. 
(Rostock 12-10-1878 – after 1921 possibly in Berlin)
Painter and printmaker.   

Daughter of professor of physiology and zoology in Rostock University Ludwig G. Matthiessen (Fissau near Eutin 22-09-1830 – 1906 Rostock) and Paulina Augusta Emilie Meyer (Kiel 12-02-1841 - ?).  

The couple had 9 children of which Hedwig was the before last and of which 5 died before reaching full adulthood.  Hedwig worked and lived in Berlin. She was a member of the VdBK ("Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen") in Berlin 1912-1916. I wonder where she studied. 

Dressler’s Kunsthandbuch 1921 mentions :  living Berlin W.50 Charlottenburg, Augsburgstrasse 23 (Grth).

This is the meager biography of Hedwig in my German Women Printmakers Index, there’s simpley nothing more to rely on in the Internet. And there are just these two prints, a woodblock print (can one deny ?) with such strong resemblances to Eva Maria Marcus’ (1889-1970) blossoming fruit trees print proof of her artistic existence:

And secondly there's this lithographic print by her hand which is very reminding of similar summer garden compositions by printmaker Helene Mass (b. 1871 - ?) who actually taught “Farbholzschnitt” in the VdBK’s school of drawing in Berlin most probably herself a student of Emil Orlik (1870-1932).   

and by Helene Isenbart (1864- in or after 1927) this last example: nr. 1 on my wish list. There's no doubt these women artists living in Berlin met or at least had knowledge of their artistic sisters creative output and ideas.    

Please help and send pictures and information of other works by or biographical details of Hedwig Matthiessen.  

These two new finds were  added to this article (31-10-2015) 

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  1. Did she spend time in Dachau or cross paths with Thiemann at some point? They are very different stylistically, but her birch-lined path is quite similar to one that he depicted in several prints - Birkenreihe bei Grobenreid, Gegensonne and some 1906 calendar prints. (TiB)

    1. Thank you. I know the Gegensonne print but please send me examples of the other ones if they are available to you: