Thursday, 14 December 2017

Fritz von Zerboni di Sposetti: what's in a name ?

Friederich (Fritz) von Zerboni di Sposetti
(30-12- 1900 - 03-12-1958 Vienna)
Austrian (academical) painter and printmaker.   

Born, probably in Vienna, as the youngest son of 7 children of "Ministerialrath",  Maximilian von Zerboni di Sposetti (1856-1901) and Olga von Reimann (1863-1927), dr. of fieldmarshall Carl, Ritter von Reimann and Emilie, Freiin Kussevich von Samobor. 

Hannelore (faithful corresponding researcher from Austria) also was able to solve this signature problem. She was able to read it and even managed to find a "fitting" person in the Zerboni family genealogical data. 

The Sultan Ahmed-I mosque, depicted by Fritz Zerboni is also known as the Blue Mosque or Jewel of Istanbul and was built 1609-1619 during the reign of short lived Sultan Ahmed-I (1590-1617) who is buried inside. 

The Austrian painter and printmaker is not mentioned in any of the artists Lexicons. The today Austrian branch of this family descends from Maximilians great grandfather Bernardino von Zerboni di Sposetti who was born, and lived, in Breslau in 1686. 

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