Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Jaroslav Hejny (1918 - 1992): Traditional carp harvest in South Bohemia

Jaroslav Hejny 
(1918 - 1992)
Czech (Bohemian) painter and graphic artist. 

Well, she did it again! Corresponding member Hannelore from Austria also solved the mystery print in before posting. It is by Jaroslav Hejny, born in Kozlov near Pacov in the South of Bohemia (Czech Republic). He studied in Prag Academy under well known Czech artists Cyril Bouda (1901-1984), Karel Lidicky (1900-1976) and Martin Salcman (1896-1979). He died in 1992 in Českých Budějovicích, South Bohemias largest city. 

In 1991 a year before he died he was obviously awarded an exhibition of his work. In the background can be seen two paintings with fishermen in oil suits. 

And in this Logo of a 2015 exhibition, almost 25 years later, held in Českých Budějovicích, a drawing of the same company of fishermen was used. I was under the impression that Hejny must travelled abroad to a coastal region witnessing these men at work and depicting them. But that would have been very difficult: traveling from behind the Iron Curtain. I now know (thanks again Hannelore) this was one of Hejny's (who was also a professor in Prag), special themes and topics: local "Fishermen of south Bohemia"

Hejny is showing us in detail the traditional annual December carp haul (harvest) at lake Zablatsky in South Bohemia. The carps are the centre of the traditional Czech Christmas dish. Please follow this link because I think I am not allowed to reproduce the pictures I found Googling. 

Found and acquired as a "woodblock print showing Indonesian fishermen", this signed Czech pen and ink drawing is actually showing quite something else. I have no idea how the drawing ended up in the Netherlands. 

    All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 

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  1. How delighted you must have been to have the print properly identified.