Saturday, 9 December 2017

What is going on ?

What is going on here ?

Found as a "woodblock print with Indonesian fishermen" this quite good pen and ink drawing seems to represent some form of traditional, communal shore  (shoal) fishing. A company of 7 wading men pulling a net, 10 men in small boats with long poles adjusting or checking nets between their boats and at the shallows halfway the shore (with settlement) static fish nets, suggesting the location has a tidal system. In the front 13 large tanks and a man supervising. The tanks suggesting the catch is to be kept alive: Shrimps ? Fish eggs ? Aquarium fish ?  Researchers ?  In Indonesia, Brittany or in the Lofoten ?

The artists signature possibly reads "Heyny" (Hejnij ?).: I wonder if readers have any knowledge or wise suggestions what the artist is showing us.  

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