Monday, 2 May 2011

Hildegard Everding- Gelius

Hildegard Everding-Gelius.

German woodcut printmaker

Just two  prints I've found by this German artist. I liked the colors and the expresionist "Blühende Baum" very much. And the way she used the grain of the wood. But I couldn't make much sense of the signature to this day. After some serious puzzling it's clear now, although there is not much information to go on. It can be very tricky reading German script.

Besides my Flowering tree this I only was able to dig up this other example of Hildegards printmaking skills, this "Christ on the Cross". From an older German auction cataloque. Good composition and very pleasant colour design.

Hildegard was born in Friedrichsthal (Saar) and studied at the Kunstakademy in München, and exhibited in München, Hamburg and Cologne. She married Siegfried Gelius and formally she should be known as H. Gelius-Everding, but she signed either Everding or Everding-Gelius. Her three children were born in München.

As always I would very much like to know more about Hildegard Everding and her art and would welcome any information. Maybe some day more examples will show up.

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