Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Karl Schmidt Wolfratshausen

Karl Schmidt-Wolfratshausen
German architect, painter, graphic artist.

This time it was myself discovering the printmaker of the Jungnickel/ Bresslern-Roth blue and yellow Ara (Speaking of parrots) (from an edition of 75). And I found another copy and another print, a cockatoo (from an edition of 100) in an old auction catalog. The Parrot the obvious winner.

After his classical high school training in München Karl Schmidt-W. son of a doctor, was destined becoming an architect and was trained as such in Nürnberg. With his artistic talent he afterwards visited the renowned München Kunst und Gewerbeschule (Arts and Crafts school) becoming a versatile artist in many mediums including mosaic decoration.
I found this contemporary linocut print by Australian printer Lesley van der Sluys (1938-2010) of the same species, Mitchll cockadoo):
As did Hiroshi Yoshida (1867-1950):

Settling after the horrors of WWI and living from 1923 with his wife in Nabburg (a small town in Bavaria, north of Munich) where he was to become a very respected artist until his death in 1971. His house, decorated by himself now a museum to all the work he's left to the city of Nabburg (6000 inh.)

These two prints were made in linocut in 1922, a medium he probably abandoned in his later career. I am curious who might have been his teachers, inspirators and fellow students in München before WWI and anxious to know if there are more prints around.


  1. How clever of you to work out the author of this parrot print, Gerrie, and then to find another piece by the same artist. The parrot is very strong, very much in the style of Jungnickel, but the second print is much weaker.

  2. Hello Neil, yes that was very lucky. In the other blue parrot (first posting) the signature read K. Schmidt-W. But in this one it was written full. I agree there is a great difference, I wonder if he received any help ?

  3. I have one of his prints! Very beautiful.