Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Idaho reader request

Reader Karen Charbonneau from Idaho turned to the Linosaurus asking our help with identifying two of her prints after stumbling over the Blogs ploughmans posting

The first is titled Ploughman (in English), bought in Canada, and the signature could read J.B. Baumann 1934. In the Wikipedia I found a person of that name: Brother Cajetan J.B. Baumann who was an architect originating from Germany but emigrated to the US. He also was a woodcarver. 
Although much simpler in execution it has some similarities both in design and color with British  Emile Verpilleux (1888-1964) as German Hans Frank (1884-1948) ploughman print (details).

Secondly, although picked up in America, is German (or possibly Austrian)  in origin (Original Handdruck, Holzschnitt) and the signature could read S. Fredrick. Looking at it I cannot help thinking about Carl Rotky (1891-1977) and his adept, contemporary printmaker August Trummer (b.1946).


And as a thank you for helping she's sends along for sharing a nice Daniel Staschus (1872-1952) woodblock print (above)  I'd never seen before. A good idea showing this German printmaker from the Baltic village Nidden Künstler Kollonie in the Linosaurus soon. As you can see it could belong to a set of 4 prints similar in dimension design and color. 


  1. Hi Gerrie,

    Thank you for posting my prints. Actually, the Ploughman came out of Canada, and the possible S. Fredrick from a yard sale in Laramie, Wyoming (which is a university town, the professors and students traveling to Europe for decades). Any help from readers would be much appreciated. And I think your blog is rich in art and information. A pleasure to read.

    1. Thank you Karen, I'll make corrections right away. Your Blog on Valley life is enchanting ! Keep following to see if something turns up, it can take months but it usually does.

  2. There is a Gertrud Fredrich, German artist - I read the signature this way - born 1874.
    I didn't find a woodblock, but a signature,that is very similar. I would attach it, but I don't see a possibility here. (I'll send it to Gerri.)
    Best regards

    1. Please do Michael, thank very much ! Please attach it to g.caspers@hccnet.nl