Monday, 15 October 2012

Nancy Grant, Australian enigma

Nancy Grant

(1903/07 - in or after 1996)

Australian linocut printmaker.

Before returning and sharing the first surprising and very promising results following Witold Korzeniewicz charming steam tug in before posting today I share some examples by an enigmatic Australian printmaker that I've found in the National Gallery of Australia. The query: "tug + boat + linocut" is how I discovered them. 
Church Ground                                    Park Land

Worth Circus
They were presented to the gallery by the artist in 1996. They are I believe of such artistic quality sharing them is the least I can do trying to find out some more about this very unknown printmaker. (All pictures are mouse clickable). 
 Back Lane

Additional comment:

Thanks to faithful follower Karen (see comments) it was noticed the circus and horse prints are wrongly labelled in the Museum collection (I will email them) as it was the famous WIRTH circus touring Australia and stationary in Melbourne in the first half of the twentieth century.

All pictures borrowed freely from Internet and the National Gallery of Australia for friendly, educational and non commercial purpose. 


  1. Hi Gerrie,
    Great horse prints. But how could Nancy Grant have titled something Worths Circus when it was the famous Wirth Brothers Circus, which toured Australia from the 1920s through the 1960s? Or did the Museum folk make that mistake of title? Here's a YouTube short video of a horse performance I found online.
    And another of May Wirth and her famous trick riding in the 1920s.

    I can readily see why Nancy Grant was fascinated. Wonder if she did a larger series of circus prints.

    1. Thank you Karen, as the posting is still very fresh I've made an immediate addition and shall inform the Museum of their mistake.

  2. I love the horses too, especially the white tethered group. I don't know if it is the smae lady but this article has info on a lady artist Nancy Grant with information on her schooling. if the link doesn't take you to the page, type grant into the 'search this publication' box
    There seems to be a connection with Dorothy Braund, another australian artist, as they were in correspondence together, and another called Barbara Brash who did her portrait.

    1. Thank you very much for shedding some light. I've already begun investigating, there's turned up another intereseting name besides Brand and Brash: John Flexmore. I'll wait a few days and see if there's more info trickling down before doing a posting on these new leads to this Australian artist.