Saturday, 6 October 2012

Marguerite Mahood, Australian Cats !

Marguerite Mahood
Australian potter, cartoonist and printmaker, art historian and lecturer.

Returning to woodblock prints after Gwen John's cats paintings in before posting made me remember a print I found some time ago by this unrightfully more or less forgotten Australian artist. And had it filed in the Department of "cats on prints" of my pictures archive. Some internet research produced  even a few more nice prints begging to show and share. 

As one one of the few professional Australian female artists she'd studied drawing under Frederick McCubbin at the National Gallery School and worked as a painter before turning to ceramics. Her first solo exhibitions were held in the 1930s in Melbourne and at the David Jones Gallery in Sydeny. Later she worked as a cartoonist and art historian and lecturer after gaining a PhD in 1970. As you can see she knew her way in woodblock printing too.

Her work is collected in the National Gallery of Australia and throughout the 1930s and 1940s she held succesful solo exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney. Finding the apes print, titled "the treasure", I only wish more prints by this artist will show up over time.

And here are some examples of her fine and original ceramic work wich is quite sought after in Australia even going through a recent revival after several quality pieces brought onto the normally very quiet market by her son. On the occasion remembering the very little attention his mother received in Australian newspapers in 1989 on her departure from this world. Maybe this little posting will help in some way doing her honour.

All pictures and text borrowed freely from the internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use.


  1. Gerrie,
    These prints are a delight for this cat lover. Maybe some Australians with other prints by her will see your blog and email you more photos of her prints. I admire the motion she created. She must have loved all animals.

    1. Glad you liked them as much as I did Karen but I doubt if she's made more cat prints, but we'll see. To even please you and other cat lovers more: next posting some more Australian cats I've stumbled upon looking for Mahoods cats.

  2. Gerrie,

    I must confess that I hate cats - probably because (like you) I love birds. Having said that, these prints are irresistably charming and elegant!


    1. We indeed do seem to share similar interests and emotions Klaus