Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lionel Lindsay, some more Australian cats

Sir Lionel Lindsay

Australian painter, etcher, engraver, illustrator, teacher and journalist.

This posting evolved just haphazardly after Marguerite Mahood's Australian original cat prints in before posting. Searching the internet I found several of Lindsay's cat engravings in the vast pool of his other wonderful and of course quite famous work. 

Younger brother to Norman (1879-1969) who choose a very different type of feline creature for his expressing and becoming also world famous. Not in the least thanks to his second wife, model and Muse: Rose Soady (1885-1978). Can you believe this, the  same generation as my grand mother who was really good looking not to say a beauty. And I thought I had a handsome sister in law.

When you look at this one drawing you know now why all great male artists are allowed having a muse or a mistress. Or both. His creative output was enormous, drawings, paintings, etchings. And I think I just lovum all. Speaking as a man but purely from an aesthetic and professional point of view. Of course. We owe Rose, in the eyes and the hands of her husband the personification of the Goddess and the Amazone, big. 

If you aren't familiar with his art (can one ?) just Google him on a rainy afternoon, be amazed and enjoy an hour well spend. As discussed in the Blog before, also Norman Lindsay made good use of early photography and no secret of it (unlike Anders Zorn who was discussed before) I discovered on a rainy afternoon. I love rainy afternoons.
Anyway, returning to the brother, Sir Lionel (he was awarded a knighthood in 1941) is said to have taught himself (!)  etching and engraving in the 1890's which is quite unbelievable and bewildering if you look closely at his prints. Here displayed  are "just" his cat prints for this one ocassion only. And because his work and life, as of the many other members of this artistic family, are ofcourse extensively and professionally covered because he is recognised not only as an important British artist but, with his brother, one of the if not the foremost and important Australian artist. You don't get knighted for nothing.

All pictures and text are freely borrowed from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use.    


  1. Hi Gerrie,

    And you'll note that the black cat is posing in a bed of nasturtiums. Lovely cats portrayed half-grown and again when mature.

    Rose Soady must have enjoyed having men think that beneath her clothing she actually looked like her husband's likenesses of her.

  2. P.S. Present-day female Olympic swimmers must resemble the nude with the muscular thighs.

    1. Many books and thesis have been written on Norman Lindsay's women. And what about ice speed skaters ?

  3. Hi Gerrie

    Glad your interested in Lionel Lindsay. He came from an amazing family of ten siblings, five of which became professional artists. I wrote a biography of the oldest sibling Percy (1870-1952) in 2011 which was published as 'Percy Lindsay: artist and bohemian'. Percy was the first in the family to take up art and although best known as a landscape painter and cartoonist (they all did that) he did produce a few relief prints and etchings. More information about him on my art blog creativeeffortsydney.blogspot.com


    1. Hello Silas, Good of you to let us know. I was aware and I know of your interest and skills in the black arts.