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Gladys Hadkinson II: continued

Gladys Hadkinson (II)
(Macedonia/Greece 1895 - 1925 Paris)
 new information & continued

Last week a nice lady from the Hague emailed me. She'd started investigating a portrait drawing of a Indonesian noble boy (prince ?) in the "Kraton" (a palace of a Iocal Indonesian ruler) bought in an auction and since decades in her cherished possession, her late husband had been of Indonesian descent. Thus she found Gladys Hadkinson in the Blog. 

The drawing is dated 1919 and since Gladys is registered living (off and on) in the Hague 1911 - 1921 I assume she was visiting her sister Dorothy (read later) who, after marrying had emigrated to the Dutch East-Indies in 1915. My research into the artist Gladys Hadkinson started with finding this etching in a local car boot  and over the weeks has revealed a highly intriguing history worth sharing. 

Starting with what I know about her direct family: she was born and spend her youth with her younger brother Ronald Oliver (b.1897)  and elder sister Dorothy (b.1892) in an estate in Krivolak, Macedonia, a pretty desolate region, where her father Charles Hadkinson was a "farmer" no doubt in the olive and soap business started by his father in the late 19th century in Smyrna/Greece, now Izmir/Turkey. Much more about his family later. Charles Hadkinson I also found mentioned in the Macedonian Allchar mining business as a director.  

How her father and mother met is still a riddle but we find the Hadkinson family living in the-Hague Netherlands 1911/1921 arriving shortly before the outbreak of WW1: in the Halmstraat (1911/14) and later in the Daendelstraat 76 (until 1921 when mother Ernestine and daughter Gladys moved to Munich). Her mother writing from London and the Hague in the late 1890's and early 1900's. I think they choose settling in the Netherlands for the education of their children.  

The-Hague had been the birthplace of Gladys' mother Ernestine Seiffert (1863 - Surabaya 1928). She was from a very musical family: more later. Charles Hadkinson probably returned regularly to his Macedonian estate. He is also mentioned as a military in the British forces in Macedonia during WW1. The Hadkinson family travelled between London and the-Hague finally moving to Munich in 1921. Gladys died in Paris in 1925 and her mother in Surabaya in 1928. I will tell more about Gladys' Dutch maternal and Greek/British/Dutch/Italian/Turkish paternal ancestors in next posting. 

Gladys' sister Dorothy Hadkinson married in the-Hague in 1914 and 1915 emigrated with her husband Friedrich Neumann through London to Surabaya, Java in the Dutch East-Indies. His Neumann family had a long history as clerks, residents and plantation owners in Amboina (Ambon archipelago) and probably had arrived in 1792 with one Gottlieb Neumann sailing as a German soldier in the Dutch East-India company (VOC) (much more later). In 1916 her brother Ronald Oliver, aged 19, sailed for Medan with the steam-freighter SS Menado (below) probably to visit his sister. 

Gladys will have spent some 10 years in the Hague roughly between the age of 16 and 26 and probably was taught artistically privately by Philippe Zilcken (1857-1930) the etcher working and living in the Hague. Her mother had been in contact  with Zilcken from London in the late 1890's until 1907. I found Ronald-Oliver Hadkinson later living in London, before WW2. We know Gladys went to Paris, to study, but died tragically, only 29 years old in or shortly after giving birth to her daughter Sylvia Georgina Ruth Hadkinson in 1925.

The marriage between her parents Charles and Ernestine must have ended in separation because a year after her mother Ernestine died in Surabaya (living or visiting her daughter and grand-daughter Sylvia ?) in 1928 her father Charles Hadkinson (1865-1924) remarried in Athens but already having fathered a daughter Gladys Artemis (b. 1924) and Robert Theodor (b.1925). Charles Hadkinson died 1942 in Alexandria (Egypt) as did his younger brother Richard Hadkinson in 1943. 

Gladys' daughter Sylvia (left) was probably raised by her sister Dorothy Neumann-Hadkinson who'd emigrated to the Dutch East-Indies in 1915. I was not able to find if she and her husband  had any (other) children.  In the ships passengers list I found Dorothy Neumann-Hadkinson sailing from London in 1933 with SS Baloeran (below leaving Rotterdam) to Egypt. 

Somehow Sylvia found her way back to the Netherlands because shortly after WW2 she married Louis Kampman and started a family in Haarlem, then emigrating in 1952 to Brisbane, New South Wales, Australia. Where I also found Dorothy Neumann-Hadkinson. Sylvia Kampman-Hadkinson died in 2011. One of her daughters (Iris b. 1948) today is living in Brisbane. 


With the publication of my personal research into the life and family of the short lived artist Gladys Hadkinson I sincerely hope not to have intruded in any family affairs. All the information revealed was, with some perseverance, found in the Internet. Next will be the highly interesting international ancestors of Charles Hadkinson 
(entrepreneurs) from Smyrne (now Izmir in Turkey) and Ernestine Seiffert (musicians) in the Hague originally from Germany. 

I have requested the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for sending me the (not available for the public) correspondence of Ernestine Hadkinson with the etcher Philippe Zilcken, probably the teacher of her daughters and works of art, probably a bequest by Gladys sister Dorothy Neumann-Hadkinson, held in its archives. 

If you happen to stumble over this posting and have any knowledge for sharing about the persons mentioned and are willing to share please send.


All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only.


  1. Sylvia Georgina Ruth Hadkinson married Adriaan Louis Kampman and had a daughter Ingrid (1948 Haarlem). Sylvia is mentioned in 1972 as a foster daughter of Frederik Karel Staartjes en Jitske Huisman, who had a daughter in the same age, Fili (1925-2011). Fili was married to Johannes van Egeraat, who's father was a major in the Dutch East Indies, in Surabaya.

    1. Thank you very much for sending me these additions.