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Gladys Hadkinson (III) her mothers family.

Gladys Hadkinson (III)

(her mothers family) 

Researching a bit further into the life and history of the artist Gladys Hadkinson today I share these results: her mothers family. Ernestine Hadkinson-Seiffert obviously tried hard to invest in the education of her children. She wrote to the well known and respected painter etcher (and orientalist) Philippe Zilcken probably to have them(?) accepted as his students. 

Zilcken owned a famous collection of antique and oriental shoes. He started his collection after the Amsterdam World Exhibition of 1883 in Amsterdam, the worlds first colonial and orientalist exhibition, and was later donated many specimens. Also by Ernestine Hadkinson-Seiffert described in 1901/02 as living in "Saloniki".

Ernestine Seiffert was the eldest daughter of three children by the musician Carl August Heinrich Seiffert and Constance Marie Dorothea Lubeck. 

Ernestine was born 1863, her brother Henri in 1866 and her sister Wilhelmina Constance in 1867, all born in the Hague. 

British author and music critic Bernard Shaw probably heard Ernestine's brother Henri Seiffert play. He is mentioned in his published  1890-1893 reviews of "Music in London". Henri's 1893 autograph showed up in Ebay recently.     
Wilhelmina never married, she died 1943, while Henri became a well known international violinist living in Potsdam near Berlin until around 1937 visiting London in 1893 (above).

Prinsengracht the Hague, where the Royal Music School was (Joh. Weissenbruch) around 1850 when August arrived in the Hague  
August Seiffert was born in Postdam near Berlin 14-1-1822 as son of Ernst Seiffert and Wilhelmina Hendricks and came to the Hague as a musician in 1851, probably appointed as a teacher in the Royal Music School, lead by Johan Hendrik Lubeck, at the Prinsengracht and/or musician in the Royal "Hofkapel". Students in the Music School were also allowed and invited to play "surnumérair" in the Hofkapel, serving as a training centre. In 1860 he married Constance the daughter of the Music School's first director Johann Heinrich Lubeck in the Hague. I assume Lubeck knew August, he may well have been his wife's nephew.  

In Potsdam (and Beskow) lived a musical Seiffert family with another later quite famous member: musicologist Max Seiffert (1868-1948). The violinist Henri probably later returned to his roots living in Berlin/Potsdam. 

August Seiffert was appointed (4th) conductor in 1870 of the "Haags Toonkunst Koor" a well respected choeur later led by famous conductors like Willem Mengelberg. August Seiffert lead the choeur for 15 years 1870-1885. August's father in law J.H. Lubeck was to be it's first conductor (1834-1860), a family business.

Johann Heinrich Lübeck 
(Wesel, Germany. 11-2-1798 - 7-2-1865 the Hague, Netherlands)
(son of Johan Henri Lubeck and Christine Steinhart) 
(Knighted in 1842)

Virtuoso violinist and composer, studying with Louis Spohr, probably in Kassel, and M. Bauver (Bauer, Beauvet ? I was not able to identify this musician) and music-theory in Potsdam. Potsdam was a musically important centre founded by music loving Frederick the Great (1712-1786) living in his nearby palace "Sans Souci". I suppose in Potsdam he met his future wife Wilhelmina Seiffert while studying music theory.    

His teacher Louis Spohr (1756-1843) and Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840) considered the greatest violinist virtuosos of their (maybe all) time. 

Johann Heinrich Lubeck worked and travelled as virtuoso and musical director all over Germany: in Leipzig, Berlin, Riga, Stettin, Danzig and Königsbergen before settling 1823 as concert-master in Amsterdam and a few years later was appointed concert-master, violinist and conductor and first director 1827 in the Hague Royal Music school) and royal teacher to princess Louise van Oranje (1828-1871) granddaughter of King Willem-I who founded the school in 1826. She became the later queen of Sweden.

With Johan Hendrik Lubeck (Dutch spelling) we also find his two  brothers in the Hague: 
Frederik Wilhelm Lubeck (b. around 1811 - 1850) an international violinist pianist and composer. He probably studied with his elder brother becoming later first violinist of his "Hofkapel" and teacher in his royal music school. He later was appointed concert-master in Hannover (Germany) and:
Johann Josef Lubeck, also a musician in the "Hofkapel". His son Adriaan settles in Semarang Netherland East-Indies, his grandson Paul Lubeck was also a violinist and music teacher.  

J.H. Lubeck by mr. engraver Willem Steelinck sr. (1826-1913)
Lubeck married (probably in Potsdam) Maria Wilhelmina Seiffert (b. Potsdam – d. 1876 the Hague) they had three children:

Louis Lubeck (the Hague 1838- 1904 Berlin) who was a composer en cellist living in Leipzig and in Berlin.

Ernst Lubeck (the Hague 1829 - 1876 Paris) an international pianist but who went insane, living in Paris.
Constanze Marie Dorothea Lubeck (The Hague 1831- d. after 1894 ?). She was Gladys' grandmother who married August Seiffert (possibly her nephew).


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Next: Gladys Hadkinson's Levantine ancestors in Smyrne/Izmir.   

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