Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ninon Soyer, printmaker

Ninon Soyer 
Helga Marxmüller
(printmaker, author and mycologist) 

Beetle on gras by Kono Bairei (1844-1895)
I stumbled over this print, with an obvious wink to Japan, in the internet. A quick survey on the artist revealed what is shared here. She is not mentioned in any of the Artist Lexicons and mentioned, possibly living (2016) in Munich. 

An educated guess is she's the daughter of painter and graphic artists Anton Marxmüller (1898-1984) and was taught by her father while he was a professor in Munich (above). As an artist she uses the (French) pseudonym Ninon Soyer, as an author and botanist Helga Marxmüller.  

Otto Laible: drawing class.
Painter Otto Laible (1898-1962), professor (1949/58) in Karlsruhe academy was another teacher of Helga Marxmuller. Maybe the daughter of his Munich colleague is in this class somewhere.  

Her name can be found in connection (author and illustrations) with mushrooms (mycology), suggesting she is/was working as or was trained a botanist.

Please send other examples an biographical facts on this nice artist for sharing. 


All pictures borrowed freely from the Internet for friendly, educational and non commercial use only. 


  1. There's a bit of biography about Helga Marxmüller here, from last December, when she won a prize for her work on fungi:
    "Helga Marxmüller wurde in Burghausen geboren. Nach dem Abitur in Paris und dem Studium
    an den Akademien der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe und München war sie von 1964 bis 1976
    als Kunsterzieherin am Gymnasium in Traunstein tätig. Anschließend wirkte sie als freischaffende
    Künstlerin in München"

    I'm not absolutley convinced she's the same person as Ninon Soyer; although one ebay seller says she is, another just describes Soyer as a pupil of Laible and Marxmüller.

    1. Thank you Archimandrill. I was indeed trying to put one and one together. Someday, with help like this, it will be clear(ed).