Sunday, 15 August 2010

Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth
(1946 - )
American Painter and grafical artist

This is what happens if Jamie Wyeth turns to the medium of woodblock printing. To my surprise I found Jamie Wyeths' "Herring Gulls" print after a thematical search of Gulls and Woodblock/ linoleum printing. After finding Frithjof Tidemand Johannesson's birdrock print. Leading to Todd Lindenmuth and his marine prints showing so many gulls and now to the Wyeths. I will continue a thematical posting on Gulls and Reliefprint after this edition on the gulls of Jamie Wyeth. One thing at a time and one thing leading to another.

Jamie, son of Andrew Wyeth, the artist that made me buy "the Helga Pictures" in 1985. The book showing the American National Treasure of paintings and drawings of his model and neighbour Helga Testorf. 240 works of art hold together in the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Intimate, beautifull timeless and just unforgettable !

Dealing with Seagulls in woodblock art I cannot withold the haunting Gull-paintings by artist Jamie Wyeth I "discovered". His bird paintings drawings and sketchings also available in a book (with a great cover !) "Gulls, Ravens and a Vulture, the orntitholgical paintings".

His very realistic paintings showing the majestic and wild nature of these birds that are so common and abundant on every shore and above every coastal region. Wonderfull flyers, ferocious fighters, scavangers, seatravelers, strong individuals and social birds. Of the surviving type

There are many more examples to be found searching the web. Like his fathers Helga pictures Jamie's Gulls will haunt the mind for a long time. In the same realistic tradition I found this young artist who has also a fascination with birds: Andrea Kowch (b. 1986) therefore I show her "On the Point" because it fits so good in this posting. Her work is exhibited in the same N.Y. gallery representing Jamie Wyeth. A coincidence ?

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