Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mildred Collyer: Flowerprints

Mildred Helen Collyer
(1872 - 1955)
exhibited 1894 - 1931

British painter and linocutprinter.

Vase of (spring) Flowers I ca. 1920's

Vase of (summer) Flowers II ca. 1920's.
I found these two flowerbouquets linocut prints on japanese paper in the The Papa, Museum of New Zealand. They were a gift to the museumcollection from Rex Nen Kivell in 1951.

In a Surrey (GB) artgallery this watercolor by Mildred Collyer was exhibited.
The "Sandcart" (watercolor)


  1. She was careful to include only plants in flower in the UK at the same time so the first one is April, the second July.

    Following up on the Collier theme, can you now track down anything by the really forgotten British colour woodcutter Ada Collier?

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  3. Charles,
    only the Martigues fishingboats are to be found (print no.11 is in the Gov. Art Collection), 1870-1948, and a mentioning in the Modern French and English woodblock printers book by Salaman.
    The same print (no.13) was sold at an auction in a lott.
    What have you more on Mildred, and how do you know of April and July ? Always curious.

  4. The British Government art Collection?

    Ada Collier did a number of prints of Martigues, Venice and Tangier from 1918 onwards. She was pretty good and her work must be very rare. A friend of mine once had St Marks, Venice, showing the Byzantine horses removed from Constantinople.

    Mildred is new to me. I can see what the months are from the flowers, that's all.

  5. Indeed, the British GAV: Ada Louise Collier.
    I found another Collyer flowers (April, signed no.8) also in a New-Zealand gallery.
    A few more details on Mildred I've dug up and added them(dates).
    I like the removed bit. Al sort of goods were removed from the east by all sort of people and a.s.o. countries those days.
    You English know your flowers b.t.w. Pretty good !