Friday, 20 August 2010

Seagulls and the woodblock (III)

Robert Hainard
(1906 - 1999)

Swiss painter, woodblockprinter, sculptor, naturalist, writer, book-illustrator and philosopher.

Like a good teacher Clive subtly let me know that there was an shortcomming in my gulls and the woodblock postings. And absolutely right he is. But he didnot show me. That is what differentiates the good teacher from the bad teacher. "Look it up and find out your self" is the way to learn. Teaching students the modern way (not telling them but raising curiousity and encouragement to investigate) dramatically, improves what is learned and remembered later. It's how the brain functions best.

I created my blog as an intelectual exercise for my personal amazement and amusement. It helps me keep track of my thoughts and mental where-abouts of the moment. Often new acquainted artists and knowledge leading me "hopping" to others. Teachers, students, influences, contemporaries etc..

The results of my exercises being read by visitors (followers even !) with similar interests, who comment, correct and improve is amazing and undoubtedly one of the great assets of the Internet.
There must be more omissions in my postings (and in my english..) Not all is (yet) available and sometimes pictures are hidden deep in the www. soup. Let's not forget that never before in history so much knowledge has been under our easy grasp, at home, instantly accessible. And that it was brought together through the Internet only over the last 15 years or so. And is ever growing. And there is the limiting factor of time. There is more to life then woodblocks and art alone.

Also I am still pretty ignorant and amatorish. But a quick and eager learner too. Completion has never been my intention, thus creating a wonderfull opportunity to learn and share.

On Robert Hainard enough is available and easily attainable on the internet for those interested. For my personal remembering this encounter I have added his "Bluetits" and wonderfull "Swallowtail"and willowblossoms. Wonderfull !

Thanks Clive !

Pamela Colman-Smith


English painter, illustrator, publisher and woodblock artist.

Student of Arthur Wesly Dow.

I found this lonely seagull by Pamela Colman-Smith. To avoid another omission I show it here, Although much (everything ?) is written on this artist I will return soon with a small posting on Dow's handwriting in the background landscapes in Colman's illustrations.

William Seltzer Rice
American painter, teacher and woodblockprinter

This is not improving clarity but how could I have missed this Gulls and Sea by Willam Rice. It should have been hanging next to Arthur Rigden Read's ofcourse. The larger gull in the middle of the wave's white foam isn't that easily noticed and detected in the screens small thumbnail pictures.
I think this ends the Gulls and woodblock posting for the time being. Probably Henri Rivière must have staged and stuffed some gulls in his wonderfull and many coastal Brittany (Bretagne) prints but that I have yet to investigate.
PS: this picture I have found at : Japonism ( and is used with thanks to Lotusgreen.


  1. hmmm -- i like that one by william rice ;^)

  2. Hello Lotusgreen, good to hear from you, thank you for stopping by.