Thursday, 12 August 2010

Katherine Heilner MacDonald

Here it is !

Let me tell you this amazing story. About the force of the Internet. About nice people. My long ago "Flickr-found" and cut-off picture of Katherines' Nasturtiums print which pleased me so much is before you now, full-sized and real.

Believe it or not, Andrea in the San Fransico area, was given this print by her husband. He bought it at Alameda Point antiques show just outside San Fransisco only 5 days after I started the post on the Blog. That's just two weeks ago ! How incredible.

"He was a little unsure on the purchase because your discussion was the only thing that came up on a quick search of the internet and it looked too good to be true".

The print measures about 11.5” wide by 12” tall and is in very good condition. Not wanting to sell it to me (believe me, I asked !) she send me real good pictures and that makes my day ofcourse. Thank you Andi !

This is the class of Arthur Wesley Dow in the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New-York. Class of 1899. Katharine was only 17 at that time so I wonder if she is amongst the youg women in the picture. Arthur Dow (1857 - 1922) was an art instructor-teacher there from 1893-1903. The Institute situated only a few blocks away from were Katherine later lived and her new husband would meet his tragic faith some 10 years later. After 5 just weeks of marriage.
More information always welcomend !


  1. And this story shows exactly why blogs like your own and Clive's deserve the following they get.

  2. Thank you ! but Clive's blog in incomparable. This was a real discovery and succes though.