Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tod Lindenmuth (Provincetown marine woodblockprints)

Tod Raphael Leroy Lindenmuth

(1885 - 1976)

american painter and graphic artist

Provincetown: "the Fishingfleet"

Tod Lindenmuth was born in Allentown, Pensylvania. He studied with Robert Henrie at the New York School of Art, and later in Provincetown. He there exhibited from 1915. He and his family lived in Provincetown and were very respected in the community were he and his wife, also an artist, were very active. Tod was a promotor of the "Modernistic" school in Provincetown.
"Dory Fishermen"

After 1940 they moved from Provincetown to Rockport and Tod turned away from graphic arts alltogether, focusing on landscape painting.

I brought together these (borrowed) pictures of his marine- and fishing-community prints in my Blog. Just to enjoy and without any scolarly intentions. For further reading on the life of the artist Tod Lindenmuth there are enough entries on the www. His pictures are very scattered over he internet. There is no personal website nor a book on his Art.

"in the gill-net"

"morning at the weir" and "at daybreak"

These (1920's) woodblocks show so many details of everyday traditional coastal fishing and have such great coastal atmosphere. Many of his prints show seagulls in many very realistic moments of flight. With minimal means and great artistic talent he really creates the sea-air, sounds and smells of the ocean's borders.

If readers know of more examples of these "dual-tone" prints please let me know.

"the netmenders" and "my studio"

clamdigging.......................the oysternet


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  1. Thanks so much for your blog collection of Lindenmuths. I own a shop in NEH, ME and have just acquired one of his dual-tone prints titled "The Weir" (10.5 x 14"). If you'd like to add it to your collection, I'll send you a photo.
    Regards, Dianna