Monday, 27 June 2011

Flamingo posting (June 16th) omission

How could I forget this lonely flamingo print by important and prolific Swiss printer Martha Cunz (1876 - 1961). She created it in 1904, the flamingo probably living in St. Gallen Zoo, esthablished in 1892 when Martha was 16. The picture is also added to the posting of June 16th.

For even more Flamingo's on posters and prints visit Japonism Blog: and


  1. i love her, and i love this. there are a couple here you might want: and i believe a bunch more but i have to find 'em!

  2. you know, i just went to your previous post on flamingos, and there still does not seem to be a way to leave a comment! (they can be turned off both as a setting, or individually on a post).

    i believe the one you have as charles moser is actually another one by carl moser. i'm very imp[ressed by your resourcefulness!

    maybe i should do a flamingo post with all ones you didn't have and then we can point to each other: the flamingo files!