Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Klaus Dechert and Shiro Kasamatsu

Klaus Dechert
 (1930 – 2007)
German agricultural engineer, graphic and offset printer.
From 1965 artist and Hanga printmaker after education in Japan.

My Internet Odyssey revealing new adventures, treasures and artists of interest almost every (other) day. Like recently discovering German Hanga printer Klaus Dechert

After visiting a Hanga exhibition in Cairo in 1965 he decided becoming an artist in the traditional Moku Hanga way. Travelling to Japan he found a master who would teach him.

That teacher was no other than the great Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991). Japanese prints not my field of speciality. I have no speciality other then my enthusiasm for relief printing artists, prints and making. Japanese printing the Mother of all Modern Printmakers.

There are so many wonderful Japenese printmakers but I count some of Kasamatsu’s prints to my all time favourites.

He is among the printers “would I love to own a print by him one day” list.

Pupil and master. I think you are as surprised as I am with the great quality prints Dechert made. And as this occasion arose so unexpectedly it’s a good opportunity showing you my favorite (“would I love to” etc…..) Kasamatsu prints as well.

Bird Cage (1957)

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