Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Problems with Blog commenting now fixed.

Some bug or switch blocked commenting on most Linosaurus postings in June. These problems, not receiving and not being able to leave comments on other Blogs but anonymously seem both to be fixed. Feel free to return to earlier posts and if you want leave a comment. This is also the easiest way of checking all is working properly again. 

Thank you Lily from Japonism  http://lotusgreenfotos.blogspot.com/ for sending me this picture of "My Home" magazine cover of november 1929, solving the mystery of these two free posters by Hall Thorpe.

Now the search is on for the magazine that (also?) gave these two away. And if there have been more such magazine presents.

See also earlier postings in this Blog on John Hall Thorpe and Ralph Mott. By using the Blog search.

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